ITK104 Access Validator Column

The Barcode Validation Column prepended to an hatch allows you to pass only users with a valid receipt (or ticket) containing a barcode previously generated. The presentation of a not valid ticket will generate an audible and visual alarm that draws attention to the user. The column can be used to Input Validation or exit of specific areas. Located near exit allows you to check if the user has a valid ticket \ ticket avoiding control by a natural person.


The terminal is equipped with a microprocessor internal clock that allows it to operate autonomously, the reader terminal can operate in 2 modes, stand alone or connected online to a central server. in stand-alone mode when a user submits a ticket terminal verification code independently and allows the transit opening automatic gates or denies generating an audible alarm that draws the attention of service personnel. The code barcode contains the date and time and can be encoded by an algorithm anti-counterfeiting specific for each plant in which the ticket is generated. If the terminal is operating in online mode, the code read by the reader will be sent to a central server to be validated and the answer will open the gate or not. The firmware can be customized by to meet the needs of a specific reality.


The terminal reads the code by readers installed (barcode, magnetic, proximity) and validate it, then can send it through a network interface or RS485 to other devices to avoid other transits. If the answer is affermative, the terminal opens the gate and turn on the green light, red light illuminates if negative, in both cases, if the display is installed will shows a message.

Method of Identification

The terminal has three internal doors for the installation of one or more types of  readers: (B) Barcode, (P) Proximity 125Khz, (F) Proximity Mifare, (M) Magnetic.

Web Interface

The terminal is visible to the IP address assigned by the web browser and allows full configuration and management of the itself.


The column can be provided upon request for indoor use or for outdoor use then made of painted galvanized steel or in stainless steel.


the terminal has 512Kbyte of internal memory, keep about 2000 lines of event log


The software can be upgraded via the network. This allows you to update your device after the installation to improve or modify its functionality..