ITK034 Universal Turnstile Electronic

Electronic unit for universal tripod turnstiles can control two electromagnets (direction A / direction B ) and an electromagnet for the Fall arm (if necessary), request signals input to the direction A,  direction B, stop, Emergency, sensors rotation and anti-climb over. Manage up to 3 pictograms and direction Bus485 for Module remote control.

The electronics unit provides the following connections

  • Input: Request transit direction A (multiple consecutive requests are managed in a queue)
  • Input: Request transit direction B (multiple consecutive requests are managed in a queue)
  • Input: Stop Block the request for transit (clear all queued requests)
  • Input: Emergency, puts the turnstiles in free rotation for the version without dropping arm, and generates the fall of the arm to the turnstiles with this device.
  • Input: rotary sensor
  • Input: Sensor anti-climb over and / or pressure cover
  • Output: Control Magnet A direction
  • Output: Control Magnet B direction
  • Output: Control arm Magnet held
  • Output: Warning that the transit A direction
  • Output: Warning that the transit B direction
  • Output: Signal Management pictograms dynamic Sides A + B and one Upper
  • Output: Signal alarm system Anti-climb over
  • Output: Signal Buzzer sound 120db confirmation request transit