GateApp Cloud Access

GateApp offers a cutting-edge solution for access control and user management with a real Multi-Site and Multi-Language architecture. GateApp is a highly modular product that for simplicity is offered in packages with standard modules for the management of the specific reality, but can be customized and expanded according to needs with the integration of other modules.




GateApp is very versatile and can be used to manage the most diverse areas, but over the years it has been optimized for the management of the following sectors:

  • Access and attendance offices
  • Site access control
  • Museums
  • Fairs and Events
  • Marketing & Loyalty
  • Parking lots
  • Personal Training & Coaching
  • Gym & Fitness Club
  • Swimming pool, SPA & Wellness Centers
  • Dance schools
  • Golf & Tennis Club
  • Associations and Private Clubs
  • Physiotherapy centers
  • Medical Centers

GateApp can be subscribed starting from one of the following Packages which integrate all the basic modules for the management of the specific sector, subsequently any additional modules can be integrated.


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